Natural heritage

Musée de l’escargot

In the heart of Champagne, Gérard and Patricia LOURDEAUX welcome you to introduce you to the life of the Escargot in Champagne and especially to make you taste its fine and perfumed flesh. A museum like no other, to discover everything about snails, from breeding to gastronomy, to symbolism and therapeutic qualities.

Bateau Champagne Vallée

The Champagne VADIN-PLATEAU is a family house situated in the heart of Champagne, on the village of CUMIERES, 4 km from EPERNAY. Besides their excellent champagnes, they also offer boat cruises.

Les Faux de Verzy

In the forest of Verzy, regional natural park of the Mountain of Reims, you can admire those trees with the strange forms that are “Les Faux de Verzy”. They are so-called “tortuous” or “twisted” beeches. Some of them are multi-centenarian. With more than 1,000 false, the Forêt Domaniale de Verzy is the main world fake reserve.

When can we admire them?

In summer, they are covered with leaves spread out in very dense umbrellas. Some even form impressive igloos.

In autumn, they are adorned with beautiful colors and one can still timidly discover the shape of their trunks.

In winter, their tormented architecture is unveiled: trunks and branches twisted, bent, twisted, terminal branches falling to the ground.


A marked trail will allow you to discover them (duration of the walk: about one hour). This site is extremely fragile and must therefore be respected …

A curiosity of nature to discover absolutely!

Hiking trails

Au bord de l’Ourcq
Au dessus du Petit-Morin
Le Gué de la Bochat
Le Domaine des Princes de Condé
La cote 204
Le coteau des Orchidées
La Rose sur la Marne
L’abbaye d’Igny
Au Pays des Claudel
Au Bonheur des Bois et des Papillons
La Hottée du Diable
Les villages troglodytiques

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