Local products

Canardises des 3 Vallées – Condé en Brie

Directly from the producer to the consumer, Les Canardises offers foie gras, duck breast, confit, but also aperitifs, wines, jams, honey, …



La ferme de Courtelin – Connigis

Discover the products of the farm: apples, pears, cider, apple juice, aperitif, … as well as the craft workshop during the pressing, open to all.

Contact : 03 23 71 97 99

Les Caprices de Sidonie – Ronchères

Come share their passion and discover an original and fascinating animal … .. It has a head of marmot, it is player like a otter, it eats like a squirrel, it has the approach of the hare …




Brasserie Les 3 Loups – Trélou sur Marne

The brewer, a craftsman in his soul, after having traveled through France and Belgium in order to quench his thirst for knowledge, returned to the country to brew his beers, the fruits of his journey and his love for the beverage . The brewery produces beers of Belgian inspiration, light, subtly spiced and finely hopped.



La ferme du Moulin – Trélou sur Marne

Raymond Leclerc welcomes you all year round to visit his breeding ducks and his facilities approved for the transformation on the spot of livers, duck breasts and confits … he will also be able to advise you for the preparation of recipes from his products.